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What can I do with a Phone Number?


Your Phone Number is like a direct line in and out, you can make and receive calls, works just like a landline phone number, the big difference is your phone number is not fixed to a particular location, if you move office or home, your number goes with you.

Because your phone number is hosted in the cloud, there are no contracts or no costly disconnection fees.

Anyone in the world can call your Phone Number, using any phone.

You can make a call to your destinations using any sip device, Sip Phone, Soft Phone or Sip Mobile App. Boogo supports any device that supports sip.

When you make a call using your Phone Number, your Phone Number is displayed as the caller id number, for example; you make a call using your mobile phone that supports sip (Android native sip or sip mobile app), your phone number will be displayed to the person you called, the person you called will think you are calling from your landline (Phone Number) and not your mobile phone, your Phone Number goes where you go, anywhere in the world, a mobile office.

When someone calls your Phone Number, you can set rules where the call goes, for example; you can forward calls to your sip device ( or any phone number in the world.

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