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What security measures have you taken to secure my account?


We have gone to great lengths to insure your account is secure from unauthorized use and toll fraud, we can only do this with your help.

You can do the following to secure your account:

Toll Fraud Prevention - Set call duration, number of calls per day and maximum simultaneous calls per sip account and call in numbers. Secure voice call options (ZRTP - Call Encryption).

White-lists - Add a list of numbers only permitted to call your local Did Number or Free Call In Number.

Prefixes - Secure sip user accounts with prefixes (country code), only allow calls to countries prefix (country code). i.e. Outbound calls only in Australia, you would add the prefix 61 to the sip user account.

IP List - IP Lists are used to lock your device to your ISP network (dynamic or static ip address). IP Lists work best with static ip addresses, but can be used with dynamic ip addresses. IP Lists is the most secure option.

Routes and Contacts - Use Routes for all incoming calls from your contacts, inbound calls will be routed to your call destination assigned to each contact.

Live Monitoring - Monitor incoming call requests, view the number of calls you are receiving in a given time frame. Only with PBX1 and PBX2. Live monitoring runs in the background and is there to protect your switch and PBX from unauthorized calls, there are certain conditions applied for incoming requests to your dedicated switch, if any 1 condition is met, incoming calls are blocked from the requesting client.

Call Blocking and Alerts - Boogo also checks all outbound calls to see whether the account is authorized and has enough credit to proceed with the call. If credit is low or someone has tried to make an unauthorized call you will be notified my email.

 As you can see, you have all the options you will need to secure your account and only allow calls from authorized parties. Whether it's outbound calls or inbound calls, we have an option for you!



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