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Boogo is NOT INTENDED to be used as a replacement for your existing fixed phone, only an additional plugin to extend your call capabilities and communications using Sip and VoIP technologies.

This service is not available to make emergency calls (Triple Zero, ‘000’ calls). You should ensure you have access to a landline or mobile telephone service to dial Triple Zero in emergencies. This service does not provide accurate location data to emergency call operators.

For security reasons, Boogo by default only allows calls to the most popular international destinations. Calling to other international destinations can be enabled on request. We do not charge to enable calling to non-standard international destinations.
While some calls are untimed for billing purposes, for security reasons all calls have a 2 hour connection limit and will automatically disconnect after 2 hours. PAYG service excludes support over the telephone. All support is via email only, We offer phone support for Dedicated PBX plans only.

EMERGENCY ACCESS (Australian Residents Only)

We only recommend you use the following access number if you have no other means of calling 000. If you only have access to your Sip account you can call the the following number for FREE. Dial 611800555727, wait online for relay officer and then ask for Triple Zero (000).

You will be asked if you want police, fire or ambulance. The relay officer will dial the correct service and stay on the line to help you, if necessary, communicate with the emergency service.

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