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Do you own what you sell or do you resell services from other providers?


Boogo is built from the ground up and we continue to add more features and work on improving what we already have to offer, see about.

We use freeware software for our software switches (Sip) and use third party service providers to provide hardware server hosting. Our servers are located all around the globe in secure data centres and offer full redundancy.

We use Tier 1 carriers only for call termination and origination to PSTN and mobile networks.

We own our infrastructure and don't resell PBX, VoIP or Sip services from other providers.

The platform we've built uses geographically distributed servers for every PBX feature we offer. We use geolocation to find the best route for your calls. For example, if you're physically located in Sydney, your calls will be routed through our Sydney datacenter, but your coworker in the USA would be routed through our datacenter in Los Angeles. All of our databases, servers, routers, and Internet connections are redundant to ensure that you are never physically tied down to any one piece of equipment.

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