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Can I use Boogo as a replacement for my existing phone setup and network?


Boogo complements your existing network, whether it be IP PBX or the traditional phone network using PSTN.

You can connect your existing telecom Infrastructure to the cloud, take advantage of your existing telecom assets. You can easily enhance capabilities of your existing IP PBX with Boogo.

No need for expensive hardware to modify your business logic like in traditional hardware set-ups.

At Boogo, you simply connect your phones and network to our cloud using Phone Numbers and Sip. No software to install, simply sign up to get started.

No hardware. No Large Investments Up-front.

If you already have an IP PBX, all you need to do is connect your SIP clients to the your pbx in the cloud and you'll be able to customize the required call logic and control call flows using our simple to use admin portal. You don't have to pay a large sum up front.

At Boogo, we have the pay-as-you-go model where you pay as much as you use.

Extensive Device Support

From mobile phone to PC, you can use any SIP-enabled device. All major hardphone devices that accept SIP and standard codecs like PCMU, PCMA, G.722 are supported.

Easy Integration & Extensibility

Integration with your hardware infrastructure is simple. Even without the domain expertise, you can implement voice features like text-to-speech, voice broadcasts, call scheduler, email to talk, email to shout, email to sms, custom caller id and manage all call logic in the cloud.

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