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How do I secure my account and sip details from unauthorized access?


Best Practices:

Change your sip password after sign-up, you can do this from the Numbers page.

Make sure you change all passwords regularly and use a strong password, all passwords are encrypted.

Keep any password in a secure place. Please don't use a password from another service, if your account is compromised from another service with the same password, you can be sure your Boogo account will be accessed as well.

Make sure you create a white-list of numbers who can call your local Did Numbers and Free Call In Numbers. If you don't want anyone calling your numbers anonymously, create a white-list!

Use Routes. Any incoming calls from your contacts will be routed to your call destination assigned to each contact.

Use IP Address authentication for all Sip User Accounts. This locks your device to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If you are only going to make short duration calls, change the default duration (7200 seconds = 120 minutes or 2 hours) to a lower number.

Enable 2 Factor Authentication on your account. You will need your mobile phone with you when signing in to Boogo's Portal.

If your sip phone supports ZRTP, please enable (set to true).

Only set 1 Simultaneous outbound calls for each Sip User Account. This limits the user to 1 outbound call at a time.

Set the number of outbound calls allowed per day for each Sip User Account.

If you are using Boogo for your personal use, we recommend setting Simultaneous calls to 1 and set the outbound calls per day to the amount of calls you feel you'll make each day, keep this number as low as possible.

Even though we encrypt all stored passwords we can only secure your account and help prevent toll fraud if you follow the above Best Practices.

Remember you are responsible for all calls made from your account. Please follow our best practices to help protect your account.

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